How To Promote Blog Post ? - Hello friends how are you all?  Hope you are all healthy.  I once again welcome all of you to our brand new article.  Friends, today we are going to give you information on a very important subject in this article.  In this article, we will give you some tips that you can promote your blog post by following the tips.  Friends, if you also want to promote your blog post and get a lot of traffic in your blog, then read this article completely till the last. 


Are you a blogger do you want to increase traffic to your blog.  Friends, if the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have come to the right article today.  All the bloggers who are friends have a dream that there is a lot of traffic on their blog.  Because if there is no traffic on your blog, then you will not have income.  The more traffic on your blog, the more income will be on your blog. 

Friends, you must have noticed many times that there are some bloggers who write very good articles, also take care of search engine optimization, write quality convents but still do not get much traffic on their channel.  While some bloggers are those who do not write a good article.  However, there is a lot of traffic on their channel, so the biggest reason behind this is that of post promotion. 

How To Promote Blog Post ?

It is not just writing articles.  After writing the article, you also have to promote it so that people know about your article.  And read your article.  Traffic will not come on your blog until people know and read your article. 

Friends, you can share your article to promote your blog.  Below, we are giving you some tips using which you can promote any of your articles.  Once you promote your article, you will get a lot of traffic. 

Comment On Blog 

Friends, if you want to get a lot of traffic in your blog, for that you will have to comment on other blogger's posts.  Friends, whenever you are sitting in free time, you should read some popular blogger articles.  You will see comments below the article.  Read these comments, many people ask their questions here. 

If you know the answer to that question, then you answer it and also post a link to your article.  When people see your comment and see the link to your article, they will click on it and open your article.  This will promote your article and traffic will come on it and your income will also increase. 

Guest Blogging

This is also an effective way to promote your blog post.  All popular bloggers are guest blogging.  Guest blogging is a simple way in which you can invite any popular blogger to write a post on your article.  Or you can write a post on another blogger's blog.  This will definitely increase your traffic and those people will also learn about your article. 

Use Social Media

Friends, as you all know, nowadays everyone uses social media platforms.  Today on the Internet there are many social media platforms like Facebook Whatsapp Instagram Twitter which are used by crores of people.  You can promote your channel and your articles using social media platforms.

For this, first you have to create an account in the name of your blog and in that account you have to upload a link to your article.  And to ask people to read the article.  When people click on your link and read your article, your traffic will be automatic.

Youtube Channel

 Friends, you can also promote your blog using YouTube channel.  It has double benefits.  One will be your blog promotion and second you can also earn from YouTube.  Make a video related to the information that you provide in your blog and upload it to YouTube.  In the video, request your people to read your article.  When someone opens your article and if he likes your article, he will definitely like it and thus your traffic will increase.


Guys that's all for today.  This was a little information for you today.  Today's information ends here.  Today in this article we gave you some tips.  You can use these tips to promote your blog post.  Friends, we keep bringing information on many topics for you.  If you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time.  Good Day

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