What Is Wikipedia? How To Create Your Account In Wikipedia? - Hello friends how are you all?  Hopefully all of you will be efficient.  Friends, in this article today, we have once again brought information for you on a very fantastic subject.  Today in this article we will tell you what is Wikipedia and how to create your account in Wikipedia?  So friends, if you also want to know about Wikipedia or want to use Wikipedia and create your account in Wikipedia, then this article today is going to be very important for you because today in this article we will give you every information related to Wikipedia.  So stay till the end of the article

 Friends, if you keep knowledge of the world of internet or remain active in social media, then you must have heard the name of Wikipedia.  If you do not know about Wikipedia, then there is nothing to worry because today you will know everything about Wikipedia.

 Friends, whenever we need an answer to a question or we have information about something, then we open Wikipedia first and search in Wikipedia.  Wikipedia is the largest questioning hub in the world and there are millions of information stores inside Wikipedia.  You can get knowledge on the subject in which you want knowledge from Wikipedia.

 In Wikipedia, you will get information on every subject, whether it is a technical subject, a political subject, a social topic or whatever subject, you just have to search your question and you will start getting articles related to your question.

 What Is Wikipedia?

 Friends, now you must be wondering who gives the information we get from Wikipedia?  Friends, people like us and you create your own page in Wikipedia and upload information on different topics in that page and when we need any information, we read the same page and take the information.

 Friends, if you also have good knowledge on a subject, then you can create your own page in Wikipedia and share your knowledge on that subject, but friends Wikipedia is a very reliable platform and any information you upload in Wikipedia should be uploaded first  do research because you will not find any information wrong in Wikipedia.  All the information uploaded in Wikipedia is all verified and does not contain 1% wrong information.

 It is easy to create your page on Wikipedia, but it is very difficult to share information from that page because if you share any wrong information then your page is blocked, so whatever you share with your Wikipedia is completely news  Must be true.

 How To Create Your Own Page In Wikipedia?

 Friends, now not wasting much of your time, tell you how to create your own page in Wikipedia?  How to create your page in Wikipedia

 First Create Your Account

 Friends, if you want to create your page in Wikipedia, then for that you will first have to create your account in Wikipedia.  To create your account in Wikipedia, you must open Wikipedia.  As soon as you open Wikipedia you will see the option of Create Account.  You can create your account in Wikipedia from there.  Creating an account in Wikipedia is only 5 minutes.  Your account will be ready in 5 minutes.

 Select Topic

 After creating your account in Wikipedia, now you have to select your subject.  Whichever subject you want to share your knowledge, you have to choose that subject.  For example, suppose you have a lot of knowledge of history, then you can create pages related to history.  In this page you will share all the ancient history and history events.

 Do Deep Research On The Subject

 As we have already told you, whatever information you share in Wikipedia today must be completely trustworthy.  Therefore, whichever subject you choose, you have to do deep research on that subject.  After the subject is selected, you have to collect the complete information of that subject.  For this you can also resort to YouTube or Google.

 Start writing

 Now comes the turn of your main work, in this part you have to start writing.  Now, on whatever subject you have to share information, you have to start writing your article on this subject.  Suppose you have to share information about history, then now compile writing your article.  In this, you have to give all the information related to the history, but one thing in particular, keep in mind that whatever information you have confirmed first, because a single false news can have an incorrect effect on your page.

 Submit The Page To Wikipedia.

 Now this is the last thing.  When your complete information is written and completed, then you have to submit your page on Wikipedia.  Now Wikipedia will check your page and after your information is correct, your information will be uploaded to Wikipedia and people will read the information you have shared.


 So friends, there were some steps for you that you can follow and create your page on Wikipedia and share your information on it.  In today's article, we told you what is Wikipedia, what is a Wikipedia page and how to create a Wikipedia page?  We hope you like this information.  Friends, if you want to get other similar information, then read our article daily.  Thank you very much for your valuable time

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